Tamsin had a great week, receiving three awards!

Braden presenting his poster on MCC laterality at NZSO 2018

Tamsin receiving the first Unicorn Foundation NET Research Award from Siobhan Conroy (Unicorn Foundation CEO)

It was a true privilege to represent NET research this year at NZSO and at Queenstown Research Week (QMB Cancer Satellite).  It is always great to be updated from research colleagues around the country, and hear from some extremely reputable international guests.

This year Tamsin Robb (PhD Student) presented a talk “Investigating Tumour Evolution in a Single Patient with disseminated disease” and Dr Kate Parker (Programme Manager) discussed Merkel Cell Carcinoma as a part of a session on ethics of tissue banking “Merkel Cell Polyomavirus status and outcome for Merkel Cell Carcinoma in a New Zealand cohort”.  Dr Ben Lawrence chaired a session on Molecular Oncology and Braden Woodhouse presented a poster on laterality in Merkel Cell Carcinoma “New Zealand Merkel Cell Carcinomas present with body laterality probably not linked to sun exposure”.  Tamsin had great success this week receiving the first ever Unicorn Foundation NET Research Award presented by Unicorn Foundation CEO Siobhan Conroy, in addition to a NZSO ESMO Asia Travel Award and a Queenstown Research Week (QMB Satellite) Best Poster Award for her poster on tumour evolution.  Well done Tamsin!

It was also a pleasure to hear from Dr Christina Thirwell from UCL Cancer Institute who shared her expertise about epigenetics in neuroendocrine tumours.